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Fall Health Tips for Seniors Balanced Living Magazine

Although some "healthy food" are still enjoyable in other occasions however, they're generally thought as treats that should be consumed with moderation. They offer a wealth of fiber and nutrition. Pumpkin is an excellent example of a nutritious food. It is also possible to prepare by using a melon peeler since you may get plenty of melons at this time. Lower the risk of falling The fall prevention strategies for seniors include keeping an eye on any potential hazards that may increase the likelihood of them falling. In particular, rugs and carpets may become more slippery when wet. So place wet floor signs near the areas in which water has been spilled , or in areas where there an opportunity that spilling onto the floor (such such as near the sink or shower). If you're taking medications that make you feel drunk or dizzy, it is best to only walk outside when someone else is nearby and capable of watching you go along the steps or check for cars prior to making a crossing on roads. The cause of falls can be low vision, especially for senior citizens over 65. Eyesight problems can cause blurred vision or double vision. Insufficient eyesight can cause many of the fall-related injuries every year. The risk of falling are preventable by ensuring that your elderly loved ones have eyeglasses. Make sure to check with the doctor to make certain they're wearing current prescriptions. Make sure they inspect their surroundings and home for any potential dangers. Talk to Your Doctor Set up an appointment with your doctor for an osteoporosis screening. It's a disease that causes bones to weaken, which makes them more vulnerable to breaking easily. Seniors can avoid future fractures by checking annually for osteoporosis. Problems can arise from muscle and bones that are weak, especially when trying to prevent accidents. Osteoporosis refers to an issue in which bones are thinner as we get older. More than 50% of adult are older than 65. .